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Blood donation camp.

Ceramics are one of the ancient art work and ever evolving phenomena on earth !

2019 Annual Global Health Conference at Texas Medical Center in Houston

Seaweed-derived polysaccharides including agar and alginate, have found widespread applications in biomedical research and medical therapeutic applications including wound healing, drug delivery, and tissue engineering. Given the recent increases in the incidence of diabetes, obesity and hyperlipidemia, there is a pressing need for low cost therapeutics that can economically and effectively slow

The Engineering Inspiration Award celebrates outstanding success in advancing respect and appreciation for engineering within a team's community. Inspiring other to respect science and technology requires passion, knowledge and commitment: FIRST celebrates these qualities by presenting its Engineering Inspiration Award. Qualifying this team to compete for the Engineering Inspiration Award at

Later this week (April 4 ) Team Spartan 997 will compete with 9 teams for this award at District Championships level. .

Late Shri Pandurang R, Patil ' s poetry work was released in the form of two books in presence of honorable the DR D.B.Kulkarni & G.Mahambare and well known Marathi literature writers,poets in Pune