Project Xylem -Nikita Patil Co founder, Offshore Oil wells run dry which inevitably leads to large platforms being left abandoned. Dismantling these platforms is extremely expensive, labor intensive and removal is detrimental to sea life .We recognize these problem areas and Middle east region has limited arable land creating food security a high concern. At Project Xylem this is a unique

The Outpatient department will be adopting a new computer based digital Hospital Management system desgined and developed by Niki-infotech. The patients will be able to contact and communicate with Hospital staff 24X7 and benefit from the transformed automated services. The Doctors visit to your area could be seen on the calendar and book your appointments in advance. Records and

Water and Wastewater Simulation, The New Way Forward in Operator Education" will focus on the history of mathematical simulation in the wastewater industry, and how it has evolved from a tool for design engineers into a cutting-edge technology for advanced operator training.

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