For Hospitals and Facilities


We provide information Technology based solutions /IT enabled services to Institutions/Clinics /public Health companies/Consultants and Doctors

·         Our web based solutions will comply Governmental regulatory requirement and comply facilities Management customized to your specific facility and applicable schemes.

·         Our Apps will minimize the patient waiting period and reduce   unwanted /unnecessary lounge crowd to ease out Hospital Admin staff.

·         Value Added interaction with Patients as Documents and History of Patients available on click

·         Better time Management for Doctors

Presently we aim to provide IT based Apps for Medical and allied Services in Indian subcontinent

Our Advantage

·         Customized solutions for your facility

·         Medical staff training included for initial operations

·         Onetime Patients registration

·         Patients records and History management

·          Optimized inventory

·          Doctors save more time

·         More Medical related activities



Our Products and services

·         Customized value-added IT enabled services & software for successful individuals / organizations   Small and medium level clinics, doctors, organizations

·         Data storage and Management

·         IT programs, inventory management.

·         Training and skill development

·         Web and App development

·         Records and reports

·         Environmental and Regulatory compliance management

·         Administration and staff management for small and medium hospitals/clinics

·         Patient waiting que management

·         OPD/IPD ward management

     Integrated solution (Pharma/Lab/Shared services)