We provide Information Technology based software development programs for Industrial cities /Industrial Parks/ Smart cities / Large Assets & facilities in Environmental regulatory compliance management, Key performance, records and reports management to Governmental agencies.


Our Services 

·         Customized solutions for your facility

·         Web based solutions

·         App based and mobile applications

·         KPI and Index management

·         Records and Reports Management

·         Compliance Evaluations


·         Facility Data submission 

Our Advantages

·         Specialized services

·         Expertise with International experience

·         USEPA/Indian Regulations in India

·         Expertise in water treatment

·         Expertise in waste water treatment

·         EIA studies Management

·         Expertise in Hazardous waste management

·         Computerized simulation studies for specific requirement

·         Efficiency /performance management evaluations

·         Self-Monitoring and incidence reporting

·         Noncompliance identification and solution development